DUI & Criminal Defense Law Firm



Criminal charge dismissed. Case resolved with civil traffic ticket.

Extreme DUI with priors and a collision dropped to first time DUI. 86 days of jail saved.

DUI dropped to lesser charge. No jail.

Vehicular death – criminal case dismissed in lieu of traffic ticket.

Highest DUI charge reduced.

Extreme DUI dropped to regular DUI.

Client received 6.5 years less than the presumptive sentence.

Victim’s claim denied by judge for lack of proof.

DUI charges dropped to reckless driving, sentence = a fine.

Client ends with opportunity to make all charges misdemeanors down from prison mandatory felony.

DUI dropped to Reckless Driving with a fine only.

Case dropped from criminal to traffic infraction.

Not Guilty Verdict on All Counts.

Case dropped from criminal to traffic violation.

Extreme DUI reduced to regular DUI – Impaired to the Slightest Degree.

Result = Case dismissed.

Result = Successful mitigation results in significantly reduced prison sentence.

Result = Case dismissed.

Result = Criminal reckless driving dropped to a civil traffic infraction.

Result = DUI dropped to reckless driving.

Result = No jail and reduced restitution.

Result = Case dismissed – victim setup exposed.

Result = Case dropped two DUI levels from Super Extreme (blood alcohol above .20) down to 1st time DUI (impaired to the slightest degree).

Result = Restitution against client lowered by $12,000.

Result = Criminal charges dropped to civil traffic violations.

Result = Super Extreme DUI dropped to Extreme DUI.

Result = Extreme DUI dropped to regular first time DUI.

Result = mandatory minimum in prison of 8 months versus risk of over 10 years prison via extensive mitigation.

Result = Felony Aggravated DUI reduced to misdemeanor.

Result = DUI charges dropped to lesser reckless driving charge with no jail.

Result = Driver’s License Suspension for DUI – voided.

Result = Criminal charge dismissed and client only has civil traffic infractions. Gets to keep clean criminal record.

Result = Case dismissed. Super Extreme DUI, BAC +.20.

Result = Case dismissed, DUI x3.

Result = Case dismissed.

Result = criminal charge dismissed and civil traffic violation results in all fines waived and no driver’s license suspension.

Result = Not guilty on all charges at trial.

Result = DUI dropped to reckless driving. No jail.

Result = DUI charges dropped to reckless driving misdemeanor. All jail suspended, significantly reduced fines, no DUI conviction on client’s record.

Result = criminal driving on suspended license dropped to civil non-moving traffic violation. No points, no criminal conviction, $50 fine.

Result = probation with 30 days jail out-of-state.

Result = Case Dismissed. Prosecutor acknowledges my assertion of zero evidence for the charge.

Result = Case Dismissed with Prejudice (can never be refiled).

Result = DUI charges dropped, client plead no contest to reckless driving. No jail, no probation, no alcohol classes, no ignition interlock device.

Result = 5 months prison plus 2 years probation with 100 hours community service instead of 2.25 – 7.5 years prison.

Result = $200 fine. No jail, no probation, no classes.

Result = criminal driving while suspended dropped to civil traffic ticket and failures to appear dismissed. No conviction on record.

Result = Bad Extreme DUI motorcycle accident. Worked on extensive mitigation.

Result = Client being charged with subsequent criminal violation of ignition interlock statute after a DUI conviction.

Result = Phoenix marijuana DUI case – identified jurisdiction issue and all charges dismissed.

Result = DUI jury trial – Complete acquittal with 2 independent blood tests showing BAC above .08 plus car crash.

Result = no DUI-related MVD consequences or ignition interlock requirements.

Result = 1 count Aggravated DUI (undesignated – potential to become misdemeanor) with 1 day jail, all other charges dismissed. No domestic violence or assault convictions.

Result = 4 months prison + probation instead of 6 -15 years prison.

Result = No jail time, no fines, 1 year probation and community service. And, importantly, no negative immigration consequences for my client.

Result = case dismissed.

Result = 2 years prison total to dispose of both cases.

Result = class 1 misdemeanor (and client was able to keep his job).

Result = plea to first-time felony, 4 months prison plus probation.

Result = 8 months jail + probation.