DUI & Criminal Defense Law Firm



Victim’s claim denied by judge for lack of proof.

DUI charges dropped to reckless driving, sentence = a fine.

Client ends with opportunity to make all charges misdemeanors down from prison mandatory felony.

DUI dropped to Reckless Driving with a fine only.

Case dropped from criminal to traffic infraction.

Not Guilty Verdict on All Counts.

Case dropped from criminal to traffic violation.

Extreme DUI reduced to regular DUI – Impaired to the Slightest Degree.

Result = Case dismissed.

Result = Successful mitigation results in significantly reduced prison sentence.

Result = Case dismissed.

Result = Criminal reckless driving dropped to a civil traffic infraction.

Result = DUI dropped to reckless driving.

Result = No jail and reduced restitution.

Result = Case dismissed – victim setup exposed.

Result = Case dropped two DUI levels from Super Extreme (blood alcohol above .20) down to 1st time DUI (impaired to the slightest degree).

Result = Restitution against client lowered by $12,000.

Result = Criminal charges dropped to civil traffic violations.

Result = Super Extreme DUI dropped to Extreme DUI.

Result = Extreme DUI dropped to regular first time DUI.

Result = mandatory minimum in prison of 8 months versus risk of over 10 years prison via extensive mitigation.

Result = Felony Aggravated DUI reduced to misdemeanor.

Result = DUI charges dropped to lesser reckless driving charge with no jail.

Result = Driver’s License Suspension for DUI – voided.

Result = Criminal charge dismissed and client only has civil traffic infractions. Gets to keep clean criminal record.

Result = Case dismissed. Super Extreme DUI, BAC +.20.

Result = Case dismissed, DUI x3.

Result = Case dismissed.

Result = criminal charge dismissed and civil traffic violation results in all fines waived and no driver’s license suspension.

Result = Not guilty on all charges at trial.

Result = DUI dropped to reckless driving. No jail.

Result = DUI charges dropped to reckless driving misdemeanor. All jail suspended, significantly reduced fines, no DUI conviction on client’s record.

Result = criminal driving on suspended license dropped to civil non-moving traffic violation. No points, no criminal conviction, $50 fine.

Result = probation with 30 days jail out-of-state.

Result = Case Dismissed. Prosecutor acknowledges my assertion of zero evidence for the charge.

Result = Case Dismissed with Prejudice (can never be refiled).

Result = DUI charges dropped, client plead no contest to reckless driving. No jail, no probation, no alcohol classes, no ignition interlock device.

Result = 5 months prison plus 2 years probation with 100 hours community service instead of 2.25 – 7.5 years prison.

Result = $200 fine. No jail, no probation, no classes.

Result = criminal driving while suspended dropped to civil traffic ticket and failures to appear dismissed. No conviction on record.

Result = Bad Extreme DUI motorcycle accident. Worked on extensive mitigation.

Result = Client being charged with subsequent criminal violation of ignition interlock statute after a DUI conviction.

Result = Phoenix marijuana DUI case – identified jurisdiction issue and all charges dismissed.

Result = DUI jury trial – Complete acquittal with 2 independent blood tests showing BAC above .08 plus car crash.

Result = no DUI-related MVD consequences or ignition interlock requirements.

Result = 1 count Aggravated DUI (undesignated – potential to become misdemeanor) with 1 day jail, all other charges dismissed. No domestic violence or assault convictions.

Result = 4 months prison + probation instead of 6 -15 years prison.

Result = No jail time, no fines, 1 year probation and community service. And, importantly, no negative immigration consequences for my client.

Result = case dismissed.

Result = 2 years prison total to dispose of both cases.

Result = class 1 misdemeanor (and client was able to keep his job).

Result = plea to first-time felony, 4 months prison plus probation.

Result = 8 months jail + probation.

Result = Not Guilty on all charges, except for one class 3 misdemeanor speed

Result = 8 months jail + probation

Result = class 1 misdemeanor.

Result = Class 1 misdemeanor, no felony convictions.

Result = case dismissed.

Result = hung jury after effective in-court impeachment of dishonest police officer and police criminalist bias

Result = 2 counts Aggravated DUI with prior felony conviction

Result = suppression of evidence and case dismissed.

Result = suppression of evidence and case dismissed.

Result = 2.5 years prison on lesser charge.

Result = just 1 year probation, no jail or prison time, no fines.

Result = case dismissed. 2 counts felony Aggravated DUI.