Felony Aggravated DUI with prior felony conviction

March 16, 2017

Client charged with two counts of felony aggravated DUI. Client had prior felony conviction. Risks for client if convicted at trial = up to 3.75 years prison, presumptive of 2.5 years. Conducted a retest of the blood sample and received a favorable measurement. Interview of police officer yielded beneficial statements that weakened the state’s case. Developed and utilized extensive mitigation showing that client’s mistakes were long behind him and that he had changed his life since the event. Typical plea offer on cases with similar facts without an attorney putting in the work are usually a prison term in the Department of Corrections or a probation plea with up to a year of jail as a condition. A beneficial plea offer from the prosecution in such a case is to offer probation with 4 months jail. Result = 30 days jail plus probation. Client saved years of incarceration by hiring the right attorney. Felony Aggravated DUI with prior felony conviction – Client saved years of prison