Jury Acquittal – 2 counts DUI

October 6, 2015

Allegation that client was speeding, caused rear-end collision, failed field sobriety tests, police crime lab reports blood alcohol concentration of .09. Impeached alleged victim to show that he caused the accident, impeached investigating police officers to show they performed a poor investigation and were biased against my client, provided defense lab expert to testify that real BAC results could be below .08 and that client was not necessarily impaired simply because he had alcohol in his system. Risk = up to 6 months jail, 5 years probation, $2,500 fine, suspended license, SR22 insurance, mandatory ignition interlock device, collateral job consequences. Result = after 3 days of trial, jury finds client NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES. Result = DUI jury trial – Complete acquittal with 2 independent blood tests showing BAC above .08 plus car crash.